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​Tee Surface Renovation

  • New layout or individual repairs

  • Increased Yardage and difficulty

  • Solving improper drainage issues

  • Laser graded to ensure accuracy

  • Helping fix misaligned tees

Drainage Installation/Repairs

  • Greens, Bunkers, Tees, Fairways and Storm Drainage

  • New additions or minor repairs

  • Improved water distribution and control

  • Reduction in down time

As-Built Mapping & GIS Services

  • Measurements for Application purposes

  • Construction layout

  • Construction AsBuilts

  • General Record Drawings

Aerial Imagery & Photography

  • Aerial Imagery of Construction projects

  • Mapping and Fly-over of course for advertisements

  • Imagery for base map generation

  • Aerial Imagery for site planning & Design

Maintenance Services

  • Verti-Cutting

  • Tees, Fairways and Rough (2nd Cut)

  • Great for the reduction in thatch

  • Provides direct Soil Contact for seeding purposes

  • A practical alternative to new equipment purchases

Aerating and Soil loosening

  • Aerating of Fairways and Tees

  • Soil loosening for high traffic areas​​

Construction Services

  • Greens Construction

  • Tee Renovation

  • Bunker Construction

  • Construction Aerial Imagery

  • Construction GPS As-Builts

  • Heavy Dirt Work, Shaping and Course Routing Changes

  • Drainage Repairs, New Install

  • On site Design-Build and layout

  • Construction specs and planning

  • We will find ways to help you save money

USGA Greens Construction

  • New Builds or Renovation solutions

  • Per Architectural Specs or Design Build

  • Meeting the needs of any turf selection

  • Quality, functional work that lasts

Lake / Storage Tank Construction

  • New creation for expansion

  • Renovation of existing features

  • Repairs of liner, drainage and appearance

  • Irrigation lakes to small storage tanks

Bunker Construction

  • New Build or Renovation solutions
  • Repairing Drainage issues
  • Increased difficulty or playability
  • Multiple styles and types of construction

Tee Renovations

  • Laser Graded tee surfaces with maximum accuracy
  • Reduced costs due to reduction in labor
  • Reduced timelines of construction
  • Much higher level of accuracy due to use of quality technology

More Services​

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Construction  Services

Larson Golf Services offers a wide range of Golf Course Construction and Maintenance services, scroll down to see a detailed list.

New Construction

Larson Golf provides you comprehensive golf course construction services stemming from the initial golf course design through the final installation of turf. No matter your proposed dimensions of a project, we remain flexible to our customer to adjust to their operating needs, budget, and future customers.

Sowing the Seeds of Quality:

We proudly incorporate quality products in all our construction and renovations projects. Not only to ensure durability but to provide our customer with more than what they were ever looking to accomplish.

And yes, after finishing a project we would like to return to the facilities hanging our heads high, while looking to play a round of golf. Visit our links page for connections to view other related sites. Please take a look at some of our pictures on the gallery page.

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